Introducing Effective Change

We understand that private member clubs often lack resources, relying on volunteer help. When time and expertise is at a premium, you need to keep things simple. Our way of working is based on the change management philosophy from John P. Kotter – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Establish A Sense Of Urgency

Following Covid-19 the game is enjoying a mini-boom. Membership is increasing. Visitor green fees are on the up. Embracing new technology has never been more important. But is your golf club seizing the opportunity to capitalise on these trends and others right now? And what about business retention? What is the plan?

Form A Powerful Guiding Coalition

The role of the golf club Board and management teams working hand in hand and being seen to be effective has never been more important. The balance between leading and being over-bearing is a delicate one. Are you winning and keeping the confidence of your members?

Creating A Vision

Golf clubs operate in challenging times and in a competitive marketplace. The declining numbers of members and the trend towards ‘pay and play’ golf, has seen many clubs being forced to re-examine their business model. But what now is the vision? Without a clear vision, change can become confusing and unsustainable.
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Communicate That Vision

Communication comes in both word and deeds. We support you in delivering on change and communicating it to your members, professional teams, and customers. But communication is not just words but action. We help you make it happen.

Empower Others To Act On The Vision

Look at your systems and structures to ensure they empower others to act. Listening, responding, and educating your membership is vital to a successful change process. Covid-19 has taught us that the ability to act swiftly and decisively is paramount.

Plan For And Create Short Term Wins

Plan for quick, visible improvements. These give the management team and your volunteers confidence that they are making a difference and the impetus to carry on. Once the improvements start coming, shout them from the rooftops to your members.

Consolidate Improvements And Produce More Change

Nothing brings more success than success itself. As you start to change systems, processes and understanding, encourage more to fit the vision requirements and support the ongoing changes. The job is never done!

Anchor The Changes In The Club’s Culture

A volunteer Board is ever changing. Clubs move from one idea to another to the frustration of management teams and your members. Ensure the next generation of club management maintain the new thinking and approach.