How Do We Do It?

In response to the demands of the marketplace, we have devised a series of golf club business and marketing packages, one-off and ongoing support to suit all clubs and all budgets.

Membership Retention Strategy

Covid-19 has proven what we have long recognised at Golf Unlimited- the membership model is not ‘dead’. But it has changed.

The new member is more demanding, and their loyalty is fickle. You need to win their business and learn how to keep it. Its an ongoing task and not just around renewal time!

Golf Unlimited works with a golf club to understand the members at risk of leaving and why, develop an ongoing strategy to monitor retention, reduce attrition rates and better nurture your biggest cash asset- your membership file!

Women Mean Business

Women account for 50% of the UK population- and yet just 16% of golf club membership. Women are the most important decision-makers. Whether they are mums, businesswomen, small business owners, retirees looking for a new hobby- the list goes on. The R&A Women In Golf Charter has helped focus minds but how do you put the principles into action.

We work with you to develop a clear plan for introducing more women to your golf club and once there, keeping them. We ensure your PGA Professional and their team are given the support they need to create a steady pipeline of new customers. We then work with you to convert them into members.It takes time and effort but you will be rewarded by one of the most loyal customers and the additional business they bring.

Doing Business In A Digital World

Like it or not we live in a digital world. Savvy consumers know more about our business than we know ourselves. They are making decisions about your golf club based on a google search and before you even realise it’s happening!

The right digital tools can be your best friend or your golf club’s worst advocate. Websites, data collection, email marketing, effective social media... all combine to make a great first impression and great customer engagement. But it all starts with great content and we are the experts. We also work with some of the leading names in GDPR and have developed a unique golf specific toolkit to keep you on the right side of the law.Work with us to understand why and how you can make a great impression in the digital world and what tools you really need.

How We Can Help.

A strategy consultation in any of the key areas is designed to understand where you are now, where you want to be, how realistic you are and how we can help get you there.

Our strategy reviews give you an honest assessment of where you are now, a plan of action and some practical steps to get visible results. Whether you then choose to carry on alone, or sign up to our mentoring service, or full implementation, that is up to you. We have levels of support to suit all golf clubs and will find the package that best suits you.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Supporting a golf club Board through change
  • Unlocking hidden revenue
  • Membership retention and implementation
  • Membership recruitment including new categories
  • Women mean business
  • Creating the right digital impression